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Show truck BELAZ-75603

    At MINExpo 2012 OJSC "Belarusian Autoworks" (BELAZ) presents one of the recent promising developments – mining dump truck BELAZ-75603 with payload capacity of 400 short tons.
    Traditional wheel formula 4x2 combined with short wheel base and AC electric drive provide smooth driving, excellent maneuverability and good traction and dynamic characteristics of the truck.


Development history

2005 – Development of design documentation and production of BELAZ-75600 prototype (chassis #1) with payload capacity of 353 short tons.

Development of design documentation for dump truck with payload capacity of 353 short tons in BELAZ Scientific and Technical Center

The assembly of the first prototype of mining dump truck BELAZ-75600 with payload capacity of 353 short tons

2006 – Preliminary production testing on the factory testing grounds.

2006-2008 – Acceptance testing in operation in the coal mine “Bachatski” (JSC “Kuzbassrazrezugol”, Russia).

2006 – BELAZ-75600 pilot batch production.

2007 – Serial production of dump trucks BELAZ-75600.

2009 – Production of BELAZ-75601 prototype with payload capacity of 400 short tons.

2010 – Acceptance testing of BELAZ-75601 at the factory testing grounds and in operation.

BELAZ-75601 at the factory

2011 – Development of design documentation for dump truck BELAZ-75603.

April, 2012 – Production of BELAZ-75603 prototype with payload capacity of 400 short tons.

June, 2012 – Acceptance testing of BELAZ-75603.

June, 2012 – Dump truck BELAZ-75603 shipped to MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas.

Show truck BELAZ-75603

2012 – Development of mining dump truck BELAZ-75602.



Dump trucks are designed for transportation of loosened rocks on technological roads at open cast mining sites under different climatic conditions. Depending on the density of the transported cargo maximum efficiency is achieved in operation with excavators and loaders with the following bucket capacities: 45 – 60 m3.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 400 ton(US)
Engine QSK 78-C
Engine power 2610 kW (3549 hp)
Transmission electromechanical
Transmission layout 4+2

Additional specifications

Torque, Nm/rpm 13,771 @ 1500 rpm
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kWh 201
Tires Radial, tubeless, pneumatic. Designation: 59/80R63 E4
Transmission AC/AC
Motor-wheel reduction gears Planetary, double-row type
Suspension Conventional for front and rear axles with trailing arms and central hinge

Traction motor - 1TB2830-3GA02

AC alternator - A1110300027

Brakes (with hydraulic drive)

Front wheels Dry disk brakes
Rear wheels Dry double-disk brakes
Parking brake Disk brake
Auxiliary brake Electrodynamic braking by traction motors with forced air-cooling of braking resistors

Body volume, m3

Struck 139
Heaped 2:1 199
Turning radius, m 17.2

Weight of dump truck, kg

Empty weight 261,000 (standard equipment set)
Gross weight 621,000
Maximum speed, km/h 64




Rock-ejectors, rock-deflectors, device for locking the body in raised position, fire suppression system, wheel chocks, video monitoring system, pre-start oil pump, automatic centralized lubrication system, load control system, telemetry tire pressure monitoring system, high-voltage line proximity alarm.

Fully adjustable driver's seat, three-layer windshield, tempered rear and side windows, windshield wiper and washer, door locks, sunscreen blinds, heating and air conditioning unit, electrically adjustable mirrors.

Four head lamps, two fog head lamps, front and rear lights, engine compartment light, side lignts, cab dome light, portable lamp socket, dump area lighting lamp, deck light.

Electric reverse horn; front, rear and side turning indicators; front and rear sidelights; stop lamps; electrodynamic braking lamps; buzzer on the electronic control panel.

Electronic panel displays the values of main control tools and transparency pictograms signaling about the status of the following parameters: turning indicator; clogging of air filters; coolant level; emergency pressure in engine lubrication system; emergency pressure in front and rear brake system circuits; parking brake; emergency engine coolant temperature; emergency fuel level; steering system pressure. Electronic panel also displays control system text messages, required by the driver for driving the dump truck. The following data is displayed on the electronic panel: speedometer; tachometer; engine coolant temperature; oil pressure in engine lubrication system; oil temperature in hydraulic tank.
Auxiliary displays: loading control system and traction electric drive control system. Control lamps provide display of the emergency modes of traction electric drive system: "Protection" — drive failure; "Housing" — housing overheat; "Overheat" — engine, alternator or rectifier overheat; "Speed limit" — overspeed.

Set of spare parts, tools and accessories for warranty operation period.

Set of parts from sheet wear-resistant steel for fettling of the bottom body plate.
Air cleaning system.
Auxiliary cab heater.
Starting preheater.
Special equipment for maintenance and repair.
Set of spare parts for after-warranty period.
Radio and audio player.

Length 14900  mm
Width 9250  mm
Height 7220  mm
Docs & Data Sheets
Download Data Sheet for BELAZ-75603
Download Data Sheet for BELAZ-75603BELAZ-7560-mini.pdf ( 10,6 Мб)




Diesel engines with electronic control and central switched impeller of cooling system provide high specific power and consequently high speed of dump truck during uphill driving, as well as high fuel efficiency.
To facilitate starting of the engine at low temperatures dump trucks are equipped with engine coolant and fuel preheater, which provides stable operation of the system in various climatic zones, including Far North.


Correlation of power and speed characteristics makes it possible to approximate dump truck parameters to the characteristics of ideal theoretical stepless transmission.
Gear shifting is not require.
Smooth change of power while driving.
Algorithm of control system optimizes the parameters of the drive system.
Provides minimal operating costs and higher productivity of transportation and does not contain units exposed to wear.



Load-bearing part parts and gears of motor-wheel reduction gear box are made of the finest alloy steels with the latest technologies.
The kinematic scheme applied in the design of the reduction gear box allows transferring torque to the wheel hub at the same time by the first and second row of gears and making the most of the space inside the rim, reducing inner loads and increasing service life.
The design of the reduction gear provides replacement of any of its parts without removing the tire, which reduces the time for maintenance and repair.
The design of motor-wheel reduction gear box features hub cuff of smaller diameter, which reduces the sliding speed and increases reliability and service life of the unit. The system of grease supply for hub cuffs connected to centralized lubrication system of the truck serves the same purpose.
Engineering solutions of motor-wheel reduction gear box design eliminate the influence of the in-service deformations on operation of gears and bearings of reduction gear box, making it reliable and durable.


Significantly reduces mechanical wear of friction materials of brake linings. Provides efficient slowdown within whole speed range down to zero speed.
Allows switching from traction mode with full torque to braking mode with full braking torque in less than a second.



Pneumohydraulic suspension with integrated hydraulic damper in combination with the conventional guiding system provides smooth driving, high performance, technical speed, resistance to sideway rolling and durability of the truck units and comfortable environment for the operator.


Combined hydraulic system for steering, brakes and body hoist allows to unify hydraulic drive and reduce the number hydraulic units in the drive system.
The use of controlled pumps with automatic unloading helps to reduce power losses in the drive and provides cooling of oil in different climatic zones without the use of radiators.


Design of front and rear service brakes and parking brake is developed with application of a single unified brake pad.
Developed area of friction material of brake pads allows to use the parking brake system to stop the dump truck in an emergency situation.
Pneumatic drive features up-to-date dryer with absorber to prevent freezing of pneumatic devices at low temperatures.


Hydrostatic drive design ensures eliminates mechanical feedback and provides rational distribution of hydraulic units on the chassis.
Availability of hydropneumatic accumulators ensures safe control in an emergency situation.
Small turning radius, combined with the short wheelbase of the trucks provide high maneuverability.


Customer stories


Drivers of "Kuzbassrazrezugol" have always operated new models of BELAZ trucks, starting almost from the first chassis numbers. There is an intensive exchange of operating experience on the basis of which BELAZ design engineers implement changes in the design of trucks to provide more reliable and productive operation. In September 2005, OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks produced the first prototype of BELAZ-75600 with carrying capacity of 353 short tons. The first truck of this series passed acceptance testing in "Kuzbassrazrezugol". The results of the tests show that the use of dump truck BELAZ-75600 provides a performance improvement of 35-40% and a corresponding reduction in the cost of transportation operations. The first production batch of Belarusian giants today successfully operates in mines of “Kuzbassrazrezugol" company.